Your contract is between you and your driving instructor.

For our part

We offer you a reliable friendly instructor. A clean and tidy car.

A structured fast track to your driving test.

For Your Part

Only one offer per person.

The special offer explained.

The first 1 hour for £15 is a starter or assessment offer designed as a taster lesson.

The final 1 hour is a free lessons we give you on the day of your driving test. This allows you extra practice for your test, a proven way of increasing your pass rate.

We are always help with any problems you may face but the offer is to help with structure learning and any break in lessons of more then 18 days must have prior agreement with your driving instructor or the instructor may revoke the free lessons.

Cancellations. We require 48 Hours notice of a cancellation or the price of the lesson will be charged, it’s always worth calling your instructor if you are feeling ill.

This offer is to help novice pupils and not designed for those candidates with a driving test already booked, however give us a call and ask if you qualify.

Lloyds Driving Lessons reserves the right to change the offer at any time.

The website

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